• Light up your home with lanterns

    Lanterns are a perfect way to add warmth and atmosphere to your home. They can be purely practical, providing light where needed, or as a statement décor piece to fill an empty corner or table. Here at China Blue, we have a wide range of lanterns to brighten up your indoor or outdoor space.

    Large Hexagonal Glass/Metal Lantern

    Large Hexagonal Glass and Metal Lantern

    With a stylish chrome finish and internal cascading tea light holder, this lantern would light up any space

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    Large Hurricane Lantern 

    Large Hurricane Lantern

    This timeless design is simple yet effective, perfect for any traditional or contemporary room.

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    Copper Storm Lantern

    Copper Storm Lantern

    This lantern is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, with a popular copper finish adding warmth and style.

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    Single Wooden Lantern

    Single Wooden Lantern

    Full of character, the wood, rope and chrome details make this lantern a perfect stand-out piece.

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    Get the most out of your lantern

    You may feel that your options are limited when it comes to using your lantern, however there are lots of creative ways to decorate and reuse that will give any space the wow factor. Here are some of our favourite ways to use a lantern:

    Lanterns with pillar candles inside

    Go classic

    There is no denying that a lantern with a single pillar candle is a timeless look, but this doesn't mean that you can't experiment a little.

    Try placing two or three pillar candles of different sizes into the same lantern to create a staggered effect. 

    Source: stylemepretty.com

    Lanterns with fairy lights inside

    Light it up

    If you wish to recreate a warming glow without the use of candles, then fairy lights are a simple and inexpensive alternative.

    Choose from a wide variety of fairy lights and light up a room at the touch of a switch.

    Source: about-ruth.com

    Lantern with succulent plant inside

    A natural touch

    Lanterns don't necessarily need a light element. To bring some nature into your home, why not try placing a potted plant inside your lantern?

    Remember to allow for air to circulate so, if your lantern has a door, keep it open slightly.

    Source: westcoastgardens.ca

    Lanterns with Christmas baubles inside

    Tis' the season

     Another fun way to use your lantern is to fill it with seasonal decorations to have a festive touch to your home.

    This doesn't have to be exclusively for Christmas either - why not try mini pumpkins and squash for Autumn?

    Source: elledecor.com

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