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Browse our collection of the very best food produce made locally to us in Totnes, Devon!
Browse the range of preserves made by small businesses in the South West!


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Cashew and Pecan nut butter from Plant generation in glass jarSmall glass jar of nut butter
Bio-activated Pecan Cashew Butter Sale priceFrom £16.50
Peanut butter crush from Plant generationBack label details of organic nut butter
Bio-activated Peanut Butter Sale priceFrom £8.00
Glass jar of jungle peanut butterDetails on back label on jar
Bio-activated Jungle Peanut Crush Sale priceFrom £12.80
Glass jar of organic cashew butterDetails on back label of cashew butter
Bio-activated Cashew Butter Sale priceFrom £12.80
Glass jar of organic almond butterDetailed label on almond jar
Bio-activated Almond Butter Sale priceFrom £12.80