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The Importance of Shopping Small

The Importance of Shopping Small

The last 2 years have been a difficult time for all of us, living through a pandemic and all the challenges we’ve faced throughout. However, a few great things came out of COVID lockdowns… excessive baking and hilarious Zoom quizzes with friends were just a few of our highlights but, another big positive is the revitalisation of our local high street, as empathises was put on ‘spending local’ and supporting small businesses.

Why is this so important?

Firstly, it boosts the local the economy! If 10,000 people spent just £5 a week in their local shop rather than a large supermarket or online, it would bring an extra £2.6million into the local economy in over 12 months… that’s a lot, right?!

That money then circulates your community. When people spend locally, and not just on products but services too, like local plumbers, accountants, gardeners etc this enables local businesses to provide jobs for those around it. Taxes are then paid locally too which go in to maintaining and bettering our communities. Creating, a healthy and resilient local economy by being a multiplier of money. A healthy community is one that can afford to take care of itself. 

Small businesses offer a better shopping experience to us. You don’t get the scripted greetings and same-same products sold at larger corporates. Our local shops are the source of creativity and originality. With their heart at the core, you discover those one-of-a-kind products or services, the ones that you can’t wait to tell your friends and family about!

Local businesses are usually owned by people who live in your area. These people are invested in the community’s welfare and future, just like you! Supporting our local businesses means they can support us to! They are more likely to invest in projects, support charities and events for the betterment of the community. 

Totnes is a really great example of this. With an amazing community feel, the people of Totnes make similar lifestyle choices and the town reflects these with the businesses that fill the high street and beyond. 

For China Blue, as a family run independent business this is a matter close to our hearts. We always champion other local business and support our local charities continuously with fund raising and donations. Last year we donated just over 10,000 panettones to local food banks along with many other gifts and vouchers.

We are also stocking more locally made homeware and accessories than ever. As well as extending our Deli area to bring you local food products made and produced in the Southwest, that you cannot find in your local supermarket. Like Chocolate made in Cornwall and Honey from Harbertonford! As we move into 2022, we will continue to grow our locally produced ranges and move to becoming an even more sustainable and environmentally conscious business.

 We hope that you are able to make a small change to your spending habits too in order to support your local area and community.

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