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Celebrating National Cookie Day!

Celebrate national cookie day with a Cookie Baking Kit from China Blue!

Celebrate national cookie day with our Cookie Baking Kit!

As a nation, we love this sweet biscuit with its soft chewy texture. By definition, a cookie can be any variety of hand-held, flour-based sweet cake. It’s thought that the first ever cookies were test bakes to test the oven temperatures back in the 7th Century!

Baking is all about exact measures, a science if you will… so, here is a kit with all dry ingredients perfectly measured and mixed ready to go! All you need to do is add butter and an egg!

With the Christmas Countdown firmly on, what a great time to be celebrating cookies and to up our baking game! This cookie kit is the perfect gift for those who love to bake or, excellent value to treat yourself!

Our Cookie Baking Kit makes 54 cookies with 3 delicious flavours created and hand packed by Marvellous Mixes, in Worcester.

The Strawberry and White Chocolate has the delicate flavour of real strawberries with chunks of smooth white Belgium chocolate. The triple chocolate chip is packed with chunks of rich Belgian chocolate and the vanilla flavour mix bakes that American style cookie.

The kit comes with dark and white chocolate chunks, milk chocolate beans, mini marshmallows and mini fudge pieces. So you can create your own bespoke flavours from your own kitchen!

You can store your sweet treats for up to two weeks in the large air-tight cookie jar!

Our three top tips for the perfect cookies;

o Use a high-quality butter – cheap butter can contain water which makes it hard for the eggs and butter emulsify but also can contribute to excess spreading!

o Don’t grease the pan – greasing the pan can cause your cookies to spread! If your pan is fairly new, your cookies shouldn’t stick but if you have parchment paper, use this instead!

o Don’t over bake - once the cookies are starting to brown on the outside but still looking fairly raw in the middle, take them out! The cookies will continue cooking before cooling when take out of the oven.


Happy Baking!

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